Coaching Services

IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTH – For clients with auto-immune or immune deficiency disorders Sandy offers a roadmap to rebuild the immune system that will work for anyone. If an immune system was ever functioning effectively before, it can return to what it was. From a list of what weakens and what strengthens the immune system, Sandy gives step-by-step instruction on how to effectively execute the tactics that strengthen while educating clients on the damaging effects of what weakens our immunity. Personal responsibility needed to modify lifestyles, attitudes or behaviors are often difficult but with inspirational leadership and effective coaching, can also be fun.

At best –it is possible to totally recover. At worst – perhaps a client will see enough improvement where medications can be reduced for a better quality and longer life.

HOLISTIC HEALING JOURNEY – Sandy coaches individuals who are either on a holistic healing journey or who are wishing to begin one.  She helps manage expectations of the process, provides tools for finding the perfect answers for wellness, helps find the emotional root cause of the condition – and identifies other barriers to healing that exist. Sandy’s own experience is invaluable in making this journey one that is fascinating and exhilarating.

This service is perfect for clients who face chronic conditions – such as auto-immune disorders, immune-deficiency disorders, conditions with a limited prognosis or any condition from which clients are determined to recover.

Sandy also offers referrals of alternative or integrative providers, if needed.

 “I had been struggling with high cholesterol and was very resistant to taking prescription medication. When Sandy suggested a simple attitudinal shift, I got goose-bumps all over and knew she was right. Much later I experimented with her recommendation on a weekend trip where I paid no attention to my diet. The following week my cholesterol had dropped from 224 to 206. Sandy’s the real deal."BTE in Phoenix

“My husband developed inoperable lung cancer and was given 6-months to live. Through Sandy’s guidance, he went on a program that shrunk his tumor nearly 65% in 60-days and then continued to improve his health. Although he refused to quit smoking and decided to give-up and quit taking everything mid-way through the process, Sandy’s guidance more than doubled the time (14 months) I got to spend with the man I loved."MEB in Mesa

“I don’t get sick often, yet I got hit hard this past holiday season in a way I have never experienced. My medical care by a naturopathic doctor was already in alignment with Sandy’s coaching – still she took me on a deeper journey to explore the underlying causes surrounding my illness. I received clarity and realized a lot of letting go was in order. It was not easy – yet Sandy’s compassionate guidance gave me a roadmap with tools I can now use throughout my life. Sandy’s wisdom, insight and passion have helped me heal in all areas of my life.”SB in Phoenix

“After my second diagnosis of breast cancer and while facing a double mastectomy, I wisely turned to Sandy Cowen for help. Sandy helped me sort through all of the treatment choices, surgical procedures and healing processes I needed to save my own life. Sandy guided me to address the emotions I needed to face to make certain the cancer did not survive me! 5 years cancer-free, I credit Sandy Cowen as an angel who helped me become a cancer conqueror. She is my hero."AA in California

“After a series of concussive injuries to my brain, I developed headaches so severe that I was getting 14 or more a month. Even though I had been to Barrow Neurological Institute and they had no answers except for injections into my scalp for minor relief for a time, Sandy proved to me that answers exist for everything. I am now headache free for 5-years to date. Sandy is something else.”LC in Mesa

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL – For emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, panic attacks and others, Sandy works with clients to identify emotional and spiritual solutions that can help mitigate and sometimes eliminate symptoms – and sometimes the condition.

"She also helps clients navigate their lives in a more peaceful, less stressful manner.  Sandy uses her guidance to offer tools for present day and immediate action helping clients feel more empowered and more in control of their lives.  For 10-years, I had resigned myself to believe I would never be able to function normally again sexually. Even Viagra only helped to a point. Sandy coached me through the emotional issues blocking my progress and proved to me that nothing is impossible. She was right. Sandy is amazing."PKC in California

“I am grateful to have worked with Sandy Cowen over the years for different issues.  She provides amazing insight and has referred me to many different resources to help facilitate my personal and professional growth."SB in Phoenix

“At 80, with ADD and some degenerative mental issues, I turned to Sandy for some help – or a referral or something. I knew she could help. She gave me my confidence back and referred me to a resource that helped me become less confused and more my old self.”Anonymous in Scottsdale

SPIRITUAL/INTITIVE CONNECTIONS – Sandy provides insight on how to embrace one’s own spiritual nature in a way that helps minimize worry, reduce anxiety and facilitate healing energy to flow through them. She helps open individuals to their own intuitive powers and gives them tools for eliminating energy that is harmful to their progress. The goal – a more faith-filled, peaceful and joyful life.

“I always look forward to being with Sandy. Her very presence brings clarity to my life. Her incisive questions cut right to the core of the matter and the “aha’s” resound loud and clear. I always come away feeling uplifted and refreshed.”TPJ in Scottsdale

“I call on Sandy routinely for ‘clearing’, when dark or negative energy surrounds me and I feel abnormal.  She does this on the phone and I instantly feel much more in control and more positive.”CB in Mesa

“When I am feeling like I have no control over my life and I begin to react to fear, Sandy has an amazing way of putting this life experience into perspective, reminding me where my control lies and helping me shake fear. She’s not a preacher or religious scholar but she’s got some kind of gift and she always helps me."SAE in Texas

Sandy is available on a monthly retainer for comprehensive services (weekly meetings, phone calls, emails, etc); for small group sessions (call for a quote) and for individual sessions, $100 per hour.

To book an appointment with Sandy Cowen, call 602-618-6125. Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.