Myth #1 – Our Medical System (Conventional Medicine) is the Best in the World.

Most people actually believe that our system of medicine in the U.S. is the very best in the world. Yet, although we may lead the world in scientific research, surgical advancements, and technological and diagnostic innovation – we do a lousy job keeping our population alive over the long haul.

Life expectancy is a realistic measurement of how well we do, as a country, keeping our people alive – not just saving lives during emergencies. And, the ranking of the United States, compared to more than 200 other countries in the world, is frankly embarrassing.

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Myth #2 – Conventional Medicine is the safest method to use. Anything else is risky.

Again, we are taught that we should never look beyond conventional medicine – because they are prefect. We are told that we should be fearful of other forms of treatment because we don’t know what they could really do to us. Promulgating fear of the unknown is an easy way to keep us bound to one method of care, only. We are taught to trust conventional medicine explicitly.

So, with belief systems in place that are that strong – why do any research or question what we are being told? Well, maybe it’s time to review the facts.

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