Without Fear

I’ve found in life, that sometimes we know where we want to be but we just don’t know how we’re going to get there. I’ve also found, that it’s better not to plan the exact route. The fun comes in experiencing the journey.

With a holistic healing journey, leaving the route totally flexible, allows for guidance to occur and rest assured, you will be guided in this process. That’s the way it works. That guidance will determine the potential sources of your healing as well as the timing. It is up to you to just be fearless.

In my particular journey, once I knew conventional medicine wasn’t the answer for my rheumatoid arthritis – since my doctors had labeled it ‘chronic’ and could only treat it symptomatically, I let go of control. I absolutely knew somewhere answers existed to help me totally recover, I just didn’t realize it would be multiple answers that would appear over time. Nonetheless, I was open and anxious to try the first answer that appeared.

That answer happened to be a wonderful nutritionist, who had been recommended to my husband (at the time) when he expressed concern to a friend of his about my condition. Without another thought, I took her name and number and called her the next day for an appointment, without an ounce of fear. My journey had begun.

Although it was weeks and weeks before I could see this remarkable woman, I was given an assignment to record everything I ate and drank daily for three weeks. I did what I was told and brought it with me to our first meeting. But, being somewhat of a professional snob, I was critical that her home was her office. Her helper was sweet but not very efficient and got impatient waiting almost 45-minutes for my appointment to begin. I was already judging. I was used to lavish physician’s offices, professionally trained staff and all the trappings that I thought meant I’d be receiving the best of care. My attitude shifted the moment I met the woman who would change the rest of my life.

The questions she asked, the explanations she gave, the supplements she recommended and the modifications to my diet and lifestyle she suggested were all spot-on. My body immediately responded positively. But, the process was very slow and I saw her for months and months. I learned patience.

I also learned that there was not one source for all of my answers. This brilliant nutritionist had no problem with my experimentation and was always eager to learn about others I was seeing and what was working.

There was adventure after adventure in this journey and it was always some form of coincidence or some repeated message that delivered options to me. Yet, I always took action. When something worked, I kept doing it. When it didn’t, I stopped. It was very simple, actually. And in the course of this wondrous experiment, I threw my judgment – and fear - out the window.

One example is the Rife Machine, a very woo-woo energy based machine that works on frequencies that must be 40 or more years old when I bought it used. I use it to treat myself remotely (don’t ask) 24/7. I was introduced to this incredible instrument in the backroom of a dusty old health food store, by a woman named Sunday who had a little girl voice. In years past, I would have thought Sunday was a quack, the machine was ridiculous and the environment was a joke. But, I would have been wrong on all counts. This wonderful instrument has helped me improve with every condition I have ever had – sometimes only 5% and sometimes much more, but always improvement.

When my nutritionist moved to a city upstate, about two years into our relationship, that was my first lesson in not becoming totally dependent upon one person or one source for my healing. My body was the healer. And, everyone who came or went were teachers. My nutritionist was my first teacher – but the first of many.

When judgment is cast aside, the door opens to limitless possibilities for healing methods to come. They were presented to me in the order my body wanted to receive them and when I was emotionally ready to accept them. Everything flowed perfectly. I had no control and I knew it. Control went out the window along with my judgment and eventually I was totally well.