The secret to getting ahead is getting started. To be successful, you must begin with the first step.

Once you are open to wellness, and answers begin to pop into your life, you just need to take a step forward to meet the opportunity that is presenting itself. No fairy-godmother with a magic wand will make this happen for you; you will need to physically get out of your chair or off your couch and do it yourself. I guess I could sum up this thought with the classic quote: “God helps those who help themselves.”

One of my favorite stories is one I won’t repeat in too much detail here, says it all. It’s about a man on the roof of his home during a raging flood. He prays and prays for God to save him, as the waters continue to rise. First, a boy floats by on a log and asks the man to jump, but the man is too timid and doesn’t think that log is secure enough, so he passes. The man is sure God will intervene.

Then, as the water reaches the second story of the house, and the man is still praying, a rowboat comes by that is packed with people. But, they tell him to jump and they will pull him along with them to safety. The man passes again, trusting God will deliver.

Finally, as the water reaches the roof, a helicopter hovers overhead and the first responders drop a rope ladder for the man to grab onto. With, yet another excuse, the man claims he has little upper body strength and is sure God will save him. The man eventually drowns.

Reaching the pearly gates, the man cries out to God, “Why did you abandon me? I prayed and prayed for your help.”

“Abandon you?” replied God. “I sent a log, a rowboat and a helicopter.”

We talk ourselves out of a lot of things that could be powerful to our eventual healing. “It’s not proven.” “The person isn’t a medical doctor.” “A friend said that stuff didn’t work.” Or, countless other silly rationales. Only to eventually drown.

So, the key to finding complete wellness, when you are committed to recovery is to first, have your focus in the right place; second, be open to the answers that come; and third, take action without fear.

Each answer may only help in part – but if you add one to the other and continue with those that work, you will find that your healing is cumulative and progressive. Those methods or remedies that don’t seem to improve things, at all, simply discontinue. Keep what works and add to them. 5% then another 15% and then 20% more – now you are at 40% improved.

Keep that regimen in place and eventually you will reach 100%. It may take a while, but who cares if you are continually moving in the right direction. Plus, if you stay in the alternative realm, you will be healing and not doing any damage to your body in the process. Holistic healing is a win-win.