Regardless of the health condition you face and regardless of the prognosis you’ve been given, answers do exist that can help you recover.  I am a perfect example of that, having recovered from 6 different conditions that, according to my allopathic physicians, were chronic and/or incurable.  In all cases, I found answers outside of conventional medicine and recovered from them all.

How did that happen?  It started by having the correct focus. It is the universal law that like attracts like.  Or, in simpler terms – what you focus on expands.  You can see that play-out in your own life as illustrated by this example. 

If you are married to someone who is a mixture of truly wonderful traits and a few irritating ones, notice where you place your focus in that relationship. If your attention continually rivets to the little imperfections, you likely live with constant irritation and your relationship is less than blissful.  Pretty soon those imperfections are the only things you see. And, as your reaction to those irritations becomes stronger and stronger it isn’t long before the wonderful things that person does doesn’t carry near as much weight as the “there he or she goes again” incidents.  Each negative experience builds on the last one until you have a mountain of episodes that can begin to drive you crazy.  When you change your focus, your relationship will also change.

The same theory applies to a healing journey.  If you want to be well, you have to focus on the desired outcome. That doesn’t mean denying what you have – but it means accepting it (temporarily) with an eye toward the future: having perfect health, once again.  

If you want to stay sick, you can bury yourself in your disease – constantly reading about it, talking about it, worrying about it. Or, you can stay positive, look at all the options to help you recover, try them and be grateful for those that help you improve.  It is a matter of focus. Let me recount a story that perfectly illustrates what I am talking about.

A dear friend of mine, Gladys Taylor McGarey, M.D.(H), cofounder of the American Holistic Medical Association and a gifted physician, consistently helped her patients heal from a variety of illnesses during the more than fifty years she practiced medicine.  

A number of years ago, when Dr. Gladys and I met, she told me about two women patients she had treated – both with lupus. She said one woman had dramatic results and improved, just like I did.   The second stayed very ill.  As hard as she tried, Dr. Gladys couldn’t figure out why this woman could ever seem to recover. 

One day Dr. Gladys and the unsuccessful woman were leaving the office at the same time.  They both walked to the parking lot and parted to go to their respective cars.   Dr. Gladys remembered something she wanted to tell the woman and as she turned to call to her, she saw something that made her stop dead in her tracks.  The woman had the word LUPUS imprinted on her license plate.

Here was a person who totally identified with her disease.  She had not only accepted it, she was living it.  Now Dr. Gladys knew why this woman had been unable to find total healing.

Changing focus is tough for some people.  It is tough for people who consider themselves victims and who want to blame everything outside themselves for all their problems.  It is tough for people who have low self-esteem and don’t believe their lives are worth battling for.  It is also tough for people who receive more attention from others because of their condition than ever before – and, frankly, enjoy their illness at a subconscious level.

In order to get well you must make a conscious effort to focus on wellness.  When you do, answers will come to you – either directly or indirectly – and that will start your journey.  You will attract people, products and treatments to help you get well and then, you need to have the courage to try them and watch the progress gradually occur. It is perfectly fine to be realistic about where you are today, health-wise, but in addition, you must have a clear picture of where you intend to be tomorrow.  A positive focus is necessary if you want to find total healing.