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Sandy Cowen

After a rash of chronic and life-threatening illnesses began more than 35-years ago, Sandy Cowen learned that labels like “chronic illness” and “life-threatening” were just words and not facts.

The reason she could say that is because Sandy actually recovered from all those conditions – not once and not twice but a total of seven times without drugs or conventional medical intervention.

Sandy Cowen’s holistic healing journeys gave her extraordinary insight about how our bodies can heal themselves – naturally; how holistic healing really works; how our immune systems can actually recover; and how – even if we have no idea where to start with alternative medicine – we can still find the perfect answers for total healing.  Those lessons and more, Sandy is now sharing with everyone.

Through workshops, seminars, speeches, books and coaching sessions, Sandy Cowen sheds a powerful light on the potential for all of us to regain total wellness and take back our power for healing.


I had been struggling with high cholesterol and was very resistant to taking prescription medication. When Sandy suggested a simple attitudinal shift, I got goose-bumps all over and knew she was right. Much later I experimented with her recommendation on a weekend trip where I paid no attention to my diet. The following week my cholesterol had dropped from 224 to 206. Sandy’s the real deal.
BTE – Phoenix

I am grateful to have worked with Sandy Cowen over the years for different issues. She provides amazing insight and has referred me to many different resources to help facilitate my personal and professional growth.
SB – Phoenix, AZ

“I always look forward to being with Sandy. Her very presence brings clarity to my life. Her incisive questions cut right to the core of the matter and the “aha’s” resound loud and clear. I always come away feeling uplifted and refreshed.
TPJ – Scottsdale