Strategic Positioning

Although many firms claim to do ‘positioning’ work, Sandy Cowen is a strategic positioning expert.  She is one of a handful of individuals in the United States who not only understands strategic positioning inside and out, has personally developed a model that has been implemented by national and international clients.

Positioning is a strategic process of formulating and eventually owning a position in the mind of the consumer that results in increased market share, reducing marketing communications costs, building customer loyalty and elevating employee morale.

There are myriad of other benefits:  all employees speak with one clear voice, advertising becomes more effective, merging cultures can be more quickly unified, it costs less to externally market the message and the company mission is accomplished more quickly.

The companies that benefit most from strategic positioning are those in me-too industries that need to establish a unique differentiation to give them a competitive edge (such as hospitals, airlines, grocery store chains, banks, etc).  In addition, companies that need to strengthen their image and build customer loyalty in the face of rapid or continual industry changes (such as hospitals or the healthcare industry, in general) or companies that need to strengthen their image and re-establish trust in the face of negative public opinion (airlines, banks, etc).  Finally, companies that expand through mergers or who wish to dramatically increase sales also benefit.

If you are interested in learning more about strategic positioning for your company, Sandy Cowen will gladly explain that the process and the cost involved.

Marketing Consulting Services

Sandy Cowen LLC is able to provide a full range of consulting services in the marketing communications field. They range from developing strategic marketing plans to providing a second opinion on your advertising campaign or other marketing communications programs already in place. We can help audit an existing in-house agency (advertising/public relations) or give you the tools to successfully select the perfect external advertising, public relations or marketing communications agency relationship. Whether it be a part-time assignment, project work or a review of existing programs, Sandy Cowen is available to show you how to spend less and generate more.

Business Plans

A quality business plan should make a potential investor feel comfortable.  It should be financially sound, present a comprehensive marketing strategy and it should position the company in a way that makes the company uniquely relevant in the marketplace.

One client already had  his funding but wanted a solid business plan to keep his investors from bugging him every week.  Another client, who was good at what he did but not great at running a business, needed a plan to follow in order to help him run his business on a day-to-day basis.  Most need a professional business plan to attract funding.

A first class, objective business plan should establish the feasibility of the venture, demonstrate a solid marketing plan for growth, demonstrate an impressive return and be totally realistic in its assumptions.  It should make the investors feel secure about participating and ideally, should excite them.

The biggest mistake owners make is thinking they can just do it themselves.  Although some people might think they can just pull a template from the Internet and write it themselves, that isn’t such a great idea.  It is about as foolish as representing yourself in court.  Venture capitalists, bankers and other investors can recognize a lack of objectivity, realism and uniqueness when they see it.  Owners can rarely deliver any of those in a plan – even if they are decent writers.

Sandy Cowen has written successful plans for a wide range of industries from mass transit projects and mining ventures to an industrial design entity and an internet health-based business.  The size of the businesses have ranged from $100 million to $3 million.  She has written marketing plans for many, many others – from personal consulting concerns and law firms to healthcare practices and other healthcare delivery services.

Nonprofit Consulting Services

As a Nonprofit Consultant Sandy Cowen applies marketing principles to the nonprofit arena to produce dramatic results in many areas.  As Executive Director, Development Director and Women’s Resource Director of the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation from January, 2004 through 2006 then as CEO of Fresh Start Women’s Foundation into 2007, Sandy increased revenues 150% and doubled visits to the Women’s Resource Center with  absolutely no marketing budget.

Sandy Cowen has the capability and experience to consult with nonprofits on any of the following issues:

  • Maximize your fundraising potential
  • Create a development plan that really works
  • Learn how to quantify what you do
  • Get more out of your existing Board
  • Cultivate major donors with a few simple steps
  • Develop the ideal Board of Directors
  • Generate maximum results from your programs
  • Advance your image in the community
  • Speak with one clear voice as an organization
  • Improve employee morale and volunteer enthusiasm
  • Position your organization for fundraising effectiveness
  • Make your website work for you
  • Develop a high performance culture