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“Wired for Healing”

This process oriented seminar will give you a practical look at how holistic healing really works, what makes the journey successful and the pitfalls that can derail you.

Sandy Cowen will show you how it is possible for anyone to do what she did, recovering naturally from chronic and/or life-threatening conditions.  Learn to keep fear from short-circuiting your healing potential; how to listen to your body throughout; how to be immune system savvy, what to expect as you embrace you own holistic healing journey and how to age youthfully in the process.  Prepare to be inspired and empowered.  Sandy is the “real deal”.

Webinar date and time – coming soon.


Join, author and holistic healing expert, Sandy Cowen for a fascinating and unconventional look at stress.  We all know that stress makes most illnesses worse and causes many but could something else really be the culprit?  Sandy’s unique approach helps you identify your reactions to stress and pin-point stressors you may face on the physical, mental and emotional levels.  Sandy shares tools to avoid, minimize or totally release them all as well as the methods she used to help speed her healing in every recovery.  Come learn how to regain your power over stress so you can live a more productive and joyful life. Don’t miss this inspiring and informative event.

Saturday, April 28, 2018 – 9-11 AM
Scottsdale House Dining Room, 4800 N. 68th Street, Scottsdale, AZ
Tickets $35 – Purchase Tickets by calling (602) – 618-6125

“Immune System Savvy”

The smarter you are about your immune system – the healthier you will be.  Come join author and holistic healing expert, Sandy Cowen as she walks you through the list she compiled of what strengthens and weakens the immune system on all three levels – mental/emotional – physical and spiritual – after healing from a host of chronic and life-threatening disease.  If you have one of the 100 or more auto-immune or immune deficiency diseases – or simply want a healthier life, you can’t miss this workshop.  Sandy will share tools you can use to rebuild your immune system and be healthier overall.  Sandy is the perfect example of what power we have over our bodies and our health.  Inspirational!

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 – 9-11 AM
Scottsdale House Dining Room, 4800 N. 68th Street, Scottsdale, AZ
Tickets $35 in advance, $40 at the door.  Purchase tickets by calling:  (602)-618-6125

“Self Love and Healing”

You can’t get well if you don’t love yourself enough to make good choices throughout your healing process.  Sandy Cowen is the perfect person to lead you through one of the key elements of an effective holistic healing journey and how a little selfishness – not selflessness – is good for your health.  Sandy’s remarkable recovery not once or twice but seven times from chronic or life-threatening conditions taught her valuable lessons, which she can’t wait to share with you.  This is a seminar that will be filled with great ideas for a more satisfying life – and a healthier one – once we remember that is OK, once in a while, to be focused on ourselves, first.  You’ll love this event, too !

Workshop postponed – Death in Immediate Family

“How Illness is a Gift”

Why did this happen to me?  A common statement from people facing chronic illness or life threatening diseases – but asking the question doesn’t mean people really want to know the answers.  In this fascinating workshop, you will learn how personal responsibility plays an enormous role in our health and healing, how you can side-step becoming a victim and how to recognize the incredible and surprising gifts illness brings.  Sandy Cowen, author and holistic healing expert, understands this topic well, having recovered successfully from six devastating conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia and neutropenia, among others.  She will share the gratitude she has for the messages and enlightenment that came as gifts, even in the face of such illness. Don’t miss this inspiriting and informative seminar.

Date – Time and Place TBA

“Alternative Medicine – Where to Start and What Not to Do”

So many people want to learn more about the world of alternative medicine but there are so many options that the task seems overwhelming.  Sandy Cowen, author and holistic healing expert, can help you navigate the world of alternative medicine, show you where to start, help manage your expectations and will outline the most common mistakes people make when first venturing deeply into this new world.  Having recovered from six different chronic and life threatening illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia and neutropenia – all without drugs or conventional medical intervention, Sandy is the perfect person to help you understand the process.  If you are curious at all and want to try more than a massage once in a while and a little Yoga, you must attend this seminar.  It will be fun, engaging and you’ll learn a lot!

Date – Time and Place TBA

Using Your Intuitive Power to Heal

One of the amazing gifts from holistic healing is reconnecting with yourself in a deeper way.  Whether you believe in God or not, you will find this workshop intriguing.  Author and holistic healing expert, Sandy Cowen, takes you on a journey of self-discovery like the one she experienced while healing from a host of chronic and life-threatening conditions.  Being open to receive answers, allowing yourself to be led, having a clear mind and staying in the moment all not only reduce stress and speed the healing process but help develop your natural intuitive powers.  Sandy shows simple shortcuts to meditation and gives you tools to find answers on what supplements, treatments or practitioners will work for you.  Sandy delivers a practical explanation of the gifts God has given us all.

Date – Time and Place TBA