As the founder and owner of The Cowen Agency, Inc., a full service marketing communications firm that transitioned to a national and international strategic market positioning entity, Sandy Cowen established herself as a strategic positioning expert and marketing strategist who produces dramatic marketing results for clients for more nearly four decades.  Following are a few examples:

  • Sales rose from 44 units to 88 units the first year while cutting the budget 35%.  (Condominium Project)
  • Awareness among target consumers jumped from 2% to 35% in one year with an 85% growth in the Realtor base.  No budget increase.  (Realty Company)
  • Food and beverage revenue increased 300-400%, occupancy rose to 90-99%, client garnered local and national press coverage and won a national public relations award for a 3-month, summer campaign to increase business with only four, ¼ page newspaper ads run locally.  (Resort)
  • Doubled sales within 3-months and tripled sales within 6-months with no budget increase.  (Auto Dealership)
  • Rapid sell-out of a subdivision spending only .0045% of gross sales when .015% is standard – within 1 year.  (Small Homebuilder)
  • In an unusual execution strategy, the agency combined advertising for four different REIT projects under one financing umbrella, which resulted in 120 units being old in 90-days. (Government Financing Program)
  • Cut the budget 75% and increased sales 77% over the previous year in 5-weeks of execution.  (Regional Grocery/Retail Chain)
  • Business increased 47% from the previous 6-weeks.  Unique ad strategy made National Enquirer.  No budget increase. (Restaurant Chain)
  • 90% positive response from local consumers for a new mandatory fuels program instigated by the State.  (State Government Agency)
  • With a budget cut of 90% over the previous year, sales stayed at a level consistent with the previous year.  (Homebuilder)
  • Major traffic change (on major 10-mile artery) was effectively communicated to entire marketplace with only $10,000 spent.  No accidents, no complaints and city won national PR award.  (Municipality)
  • A local campaign to boost morale of downtown workers, raise awareness of the needs of street-people and stop related crimes resulted in a Man of the Year Award for the client, soaring morale of city workers, crime reports up (25% in one month) and national press attention (Time, Newsweek, New York Times, etc).  (City of Phoenix)
  • A 60-day campaign raised awareness levels from 9% to 21% among prospective buyers without increasing the budget.  First mentions in unaided recall rose over 500%.  No budget increase. (Homebuilder)
  • Increased total base traffic 134% in eight months with a minimal annual budget for advertising.  (Homebuilder)


Nonprofit Development Results

Sandy Cowen’s nonprofit background is extensive over the last 30-years serving as Chairman of the Board of in other significant board leadership roles with more than 20 nonprofit organizations including: Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Samaritan Health Systems (prior to Banner’s purchase), Gladys Taylor McGarey Medical Foundation, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Trends Charitable Fund, Arizona Women’s Education & Employment (AWEE) and Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, among many others.

In 2005, she received a certificate of completion from Harvard Business School for an Executive Management Course titled: “Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management”.

From December, 2003 through July, 2007 she stepped-in as CEO of Fresh Start Women’s Foundation to build the infrastructure for their growing fundraising needs and to staff the organization for future efforts. Following is a list of dramatic successes in the nonprofit arena during that period and as a nonprofit volunteer leader before and after:

  • Was the programmatic architect for the first comprehensive women’s resource center in the U.S. – currently accommodating 30,000 visits a year, primarily through word-of-mouth.
  • The women’s resource center was a model in partnering, in not duplicating services, in being customer focused and data driven and existing free from government funding.
  • Helped found the innovative one-stop family advocacy center in Phoenix – one of the first in the country. Originated the first formal market research project on domestic violence in Arizona. which dramatically changed the say the State’s faith-based organizations and local nonprofits deal with these victims and their children.
  • Increased revenues each year for three consecutive years as follows: up 47% year 1; up an additional 36% year 2; and up an additional 25% in year 3.
  • During the same period, held expenses to only a 6% growth by year 3.
  • Increased client access to services by 57% in 3-years.
  • Increased aided awareness from 22% to 40% with target market in one-year with no budget.
  • Increased unaided awareness from 3% to 4% in one-year with no budget.
  • Created a new website that increased access from an average of 87 hits per day to 2,821 per day in one-year. Also, with no marketing budget.
  • Successful hits on the site grew from 615 to 19,751 also without any advertising, PR or social media budget.
“I highly recommend Sandy Cowen.  She is very smart, professional and is the kind of person one would go to in order to solve difficult problems.  Sandy makes things happen.”  Pat Petznick, Co-Founder, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation
“We have learned much from your development expertise.”  Janet Wilson, President, Phoenix Youth Symphony
“You have made a significant impact that will have an impact on our future and I hope we will be able to work together again in the not too distant future.”  Dick Gardner, Treasurer, Phoenix Youth Symphony