About Sandy Cowen

History (For Profit)

Sandy Cowen represents an impressive mix of talent and experience.  Through 2003, she was President of The Cowen Agency, Inc. a multi-million dollar, full-service marketing communications firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, which she founded decades prior.  Although her agency handled a wide array of clients, the homebulding/development industry was particularly dynamic in Arizona.  In that regard, Sandy personally handled over 35 homebuilder, developer and real estate related clients among them Pulte Homes for 15 years with highly successful campaigns in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Texas.

Sandy was a pioneer in setting the standards for the use of strategic disciplines in a highly creative (advertising) industry.  That was proven by the results her clients achieved and by her company’s impressive growth. Her clients were based in the United States, England and Canada.

Having established herself as an innovative marketing positioning strategist during that time, Sandy later transitioned her firm into a national and international consulting entity specializing in strategic image positioning.  She is one of a handful of individuals in the country with a personal track record of developing highly effective positioning strategies that produced dramatic results for clients, regardless of the industry or budget.

Among her positioning consulting assignments were for public utilities worldwide; a national presidential campaign and a national commercial finance company, among others.


History (Nonprofit)

Sandy Cowen is also a community leader.  Over the last twenty-five years, she has served as Chairman of the Board or in other significant board leadership roles with dozens of non-profit organizations including:  Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Samaritan Health Systems (prior to Banner’s purchase), Gladys Taylor McGarey Medical Foundation, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Trends Charitable Fund, Arizona Women’s Education & Employment (AWEE) and Fresh Start Women’s Foundation.

Among her nonprofit achievements, she was the programmatic architect for the first comprehensive multi-million dollar self-help center for women in the United States (Fresh Start Women’s Resource Center), helped in the formation of the Family Advocacy Center in Phoenix (one of the first in the Country) and originated the first formal market research project on domestic violence in Arizona which dramatically changed the way the State’s faith-based organizations and local nonprofits deal with these victims and their children.

In late 2003, she was hired by Fresh Start build the fundraising framework to support the work of the newly created center and to put in place the staff to take the organization to the next level.  As CEO of the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, which she helped found twelve years earlier, she set the stage for three national initiatives and increased their annual revenues generating capacity by 150%.  She left in 2007 with an impressive list of accomplishments.  During that time, she also attended an executive course at Harvard Business School titled, “Strategic Perspectives  in Nonprofit Management”.


Awards and Recognition

Sandy is also a member of several prestigious by-invitation organizations such as Charter 100, a regional organization for women of achievement; the Arizona Women’s Forum and International Women’s Forum, recognizing women leaders worldwide  (members have included Sandra Day O’Connor, The Hon. Madeleine Albright and Astronaut Sally Ride) and MENSA.   During the years, Sandy has served on task forces and committees appointed by three Governors and three different Mayors, among those appointments she served as a Lottery Commissioner in Arizona for 5-years.

Sandy has been recognized over the years by Valley organizations for her efforts – among them by Valley Leadership with their Visionary Award, by the YWCA with its Tribute to Women Award, and by the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce twice as a finalist for the coveted Athena Award.

Professionally, Sandy and her firm have been honored with countless awards for marketing, advertising and public relations excellence.

Problem Solving

Sandy is a woman whose life has centered on the premise that nothing is impossible.  As a consummate problem solver, she has continued to inspire others throughout her life.

She created a highly successful, multi-million dollar business with only a $3,000 investment which doubled in size seven times during the first fourteen years – primarily by client referrals.  She created dramatic success stories for clients who had little or no budget.

Finally, she managed to fully recover, without the use of conventional medicine, from five chronic or life-threatening conditions that medical doctors told her were incurable.  She recovered from rheumatoid arthritis, hyperthyroidism and leukemia twice, among others.  Sandy believes there is a solution to every problem.

Even though Sandy came from humble beginnings, she is a self-made woman, who built a successful business by herself, gain a strong positive reputation in the business community, managed to reach the pinnacle of society, wielded impressive political influence and garnered substantial visibility in Arizona.  Because of those factors, she was invited to join many boards and prestigious local, national and international organizations.

Through her highly developed intuitive skills, her brilliance and her passion for the empowerment of others, Sandy Cowen serves as an example that anything is possible.  Her greatest joy comes through helping others breakthrough barriers in their business and in their lives.

She currently resides in Phoenix and is the proud mother of one son and three young grandchildren.