Strategic Marketing Consulting

Sandy Cowen is a marketing troubleshooter and problem solver. Her firm, Sandy Cowen, LLC, specializes in positioning and repositioning companies for maximum impact in the marketplace.

After decades of experience creating incredible results for clients, locally, nationally and internationally, Sandy is now offering this service for any for profit business that wishes to grow marketshare or any nonprofit that wishes  to find the compelling story that makes them irresistible to potential donors.  Sandy’s years of effective, strategic positioning experience is also beneficial in creating business plans that are motivating, not just informative, for potential investors.

This might sound like a wide menu of specialties, but it isn’t for a seasoned professional with more than 35-years of creating impressive results for clients – regardless of their budgets or organizational challenges.

So, if your business is facing a shrinking market share, increased competition, sluggish sales or if you are a nonprofit that is short on donations, you are on the right website.  Sandy Cowen is the kind of consultant that cuts through the clutter to show you how to facilitate growth and how to breakdown barriers that might exist between you and future customers.

This is a firm that understands today’s market and has a track record that will take your breath away. With national and international experience, Sandy understands how critical the core messaging is in selling anything.  So, even though you may be an expert in social media and online marketing, be fantastic at media relations in PR or be a creative genius in advertising, if the core message is off-point, all the client’s money is wasted.  Let Sandy show you exactly how that may apply to your particular challenge – in our initial meeting.

Call us today to take the first step to making dramatic results happen for your company or organization. The initial appointment is at no charge.